Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Are ancient dZi still worn today?
Many Tibetans continue to wear their heirloom beads, however, the majority of Tibetans keep their beads under lock and key. This is because they are simply too frightened to have them on show in case they are robbed. Some of these beads now command thousands of dollars. I have heard of many people having their beads stolen in Tibet, Nepal and India. So most keep them hidden, either inside their clothing or in their homes. Walking around the Tibetan settlements in Nepal or India it is a joy to see the old Tibetans keeping their culture alive. Most young Tibetans have lost interest in this, and instead look to the bright lights of the west. This is a great shame!

The few beads that we do see on show are usually modern Taiwanese or Chinese replicas. These beads are affordable, from a distance they look like the real thing and there is less worry about them being stolen. Genuine dZi are usually seen on very special occasions and festivals. 

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